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ArabPlast Exhibition 2023 in Dubai - International Plastic and Petrochemical Trade Show dubai dubai united arab emirates
ArabPlast Exhibition 2023 in Dubai - International Plastic and Petrochemical Trade Show
  • 13-Dec-2023 To 15-Dec-2023

Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Arab Plast Dubai, the premier B2B event in the Middle East, continues to hold the title of being the No. 1 trade show for the Petrochemicals, Plastics, Packaging, and Rubber industries. With a legacy spanning over 30 years, ArabPlast has been the leader in connecting global professionals and decision-makers in these industries under a single roof. The 16th Edition of ArabPlast, held recently, was a significant milestone as it marked the first-ever LIVE & IN-PERSON trade show after a challenging period of global disruptions due to the pandemic. The event saw participation from 271 exhibitors representing 30 nations from around the world, with 6 country pavilions, and was attended by 11230 trade visitors from 129 countries.


ArabPlast is one of the biggest Dubai Plastic Exhibitions 2023 and has always been the go-to platform for manufacturers/producers, converters, recyclers, and end-users to network, explore global market trends, share professional know-how, source solutions, conduct new businesses, and advance existing ones. The 16th Edition of ArabPlast continued this tradition, offering a unique and lucrative opportunity for industry specialists to showcase the latest advancements in innovations and cutting-edge technologies from across the globe.


Organized by Al Fajer Information & Services (AFIS), a leading exhibition organizing company in the Middle East, ArabPlast has a rich history of success spanning over 28 years. AFIS, established in 1975, has been at the forefront of exhibition organizing in the region and has a credit list that includes internationally acclaimed exhibitions and conferences covering diverse industry subjects. With a robust network of worldwide agents and being proud owners of some of the most prestigious events, AFIS has built lasting business alliances with renowned international organizers.


The 16th Edition of UAE Plastic Expo brought together industry stalwarts from around the world under a single canvas to project the changing dynamics of the most resilient industries - plastics, petrochemicals, packaging, and rubber. The event provided a platform for showcasing advancements in innovations and cutting-edge technologies that are driving the industry forward. With the global demand for plastics and chemicals expected to account for the largest share of crude demand growth by 2030, ArabPlast 2023 was timely in highlighting the opportunities and challenges facing the industry in the Middle East.


One of the key themes of the 16th Edition of UAE Plastic Expo 2023 was the circular economy and its importance in building a sustainable environment. As the world grapples with environmental concerns and the need for sustainable solutions, ArabPlast aimed to create awareness and promote discussions on the adoption of circular economy principles in the plastics, petrochemicals, packaging, and rubber industries. The event featured various exhibits, seminars, and panel discussions focused on sustainable practices, Plastic Recycling technologies, and innovative solutions for reducing environmental impact.


ArabPlast also provided an ideal platform for networking and business collaborations. The event witnessed a significant turnout of global businessmen and buyers, and also for Dubai Plastic and Rubber Industry. It offers opportunities for professionals and decision-makers to establish new business partnerships, explore potential markets, and strengthen existing relationships. The exhibition hall was abuzz with meetings, interactions, and negotiations as participants seized the opportunity to expand their business horizons.


The 16th Edition of ArabPlast 2023 featured a wide range of products and technologies across the plastics, petrochemicals, packaging, and rubber sectors. Exhibitors showcased their latest offerings, including Plastic Raw Materials, machinery, equipment, processing technologies, packaging solutions, and finished products. The event served as a comprehensive showcase of the latest industry trends, innovations, and technologies, providing valuable insights and knowledge to the attendees.


The international appeal of ArabPlast was evident in the participation of exhibitors and visitors from around the world. The event attracted Dubai Plastic Manufacturers, buyers, sellers, traders, and also exhibitors from 30 countries, representing diverse regions such as Europe, Asia, the Americas, With a rich legacy spanning over 30 years, ArabPlast has established itself as the No. 1 premier B2B event in the Middle East, bringing together the world of Petrochemicals, Plastics, Packaging, and Rubber industries under a single roof. Organized by Al Fajer Information & Services (AFIS), a pioneer in exhibition organizing in the Middle East, ArabPlast has become a highly anticipated event for professionals and decision-makers in the industry.


ArabPlast provides ample networking opportunities for participants to connect with industry peers, exchange ideas, and explore business partnerships. The event brings together a diverse range of professionals, including manufacturers, producers, converters, recyclers, end-users, and government representatives, creating a conducive environment for meaningful interactions and collaborations. Exhibitors can showcase their capabilities, meet potential buyers, and expand their business networks, while visitors can explore new business opportunities, source products and services, and establish valuable contacts.


ArabPlast offers a platform for companies to launch new products, technologies, and services. Exhibitors can leverage the event's extensive reach and visibility to showcase their latest innovations to a global audience, generate buzz, and attract potential customers. ArabPlast serves as a launchpad for cutting-edge technologies and solutions, providing a competitive advantage to companies looking to make a mark in the industry. The Arab Plast Address is Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.


In conclusion, ArabPlast is a premier B2B event in the Middle East that brings together the plastics, petrochemicals, packaging, and rubber industries under one roof. The event serves as a platform for innovation, sustainability, networking, and knowledge-sharing, providing valuable opportunities for businesses to stay updated with the latest industry trends, explore new business opportunities, and establish meaningful connections. With its rich legacy and commitment to excellence, ArabPlast continues to be a leading event in the region, driving the growth and development of the plastics and petrochemicals industry. For Arab Plast Registration, you can visit their website and book your slot today!


Exhibition Date: 13th December to 15th December 2023
Exhibition Location: Dubai, UAE
Exhibition Address: Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Timing: 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Entry Fees: Free and paid tickets available (Paid tickets starting from 6000 USD)
Industry: Plastic 
Who can visit: Manufacturers, buyers, sellers, traders, business people, and others who are interested in Plastic industry


Est. Exhibitors: 900 exhibitors
Est. Visitors: 20000 Visitors


Exhibitors Registration: https://arabplast.info/visitor/#register-to-visit


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +971 50 900 6466
Website: https://arabplast.info/


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Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmnQ_vn75j905_0gdvyoCMA
Organizer Name: Al Fajer Information & Services (AFIS)
Organizer Address: 168 318th Rd - Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates