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PVT | Roto Molding

Delhi, India

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PVT Full Form:


Polyvinyl Toluene


What is PVT?


Polyvinyl toluene (PVT, polyvinyl toluene) is a synthetic polymer of alkyl benzenes. To create a plastic scintillator, PVT can be doped with anthracene or other wavelength-shifting dopants. As long as the energy loss per length is not excessive, the amount of visible radiation emitted when exposed to ionizing radiation (including particle radiation and gamma radiation) is proportional to the absorbed dose. Any type of ionizing radiation, even high stopping power radiation like ion beams, might harm PVT.


PVT is being considered as a possible alternative for PVC, the conventional and traditional material used to create vinyl records, in light of the increased interest in vinyl records (as of 2022). Compared to PVC, PVT is seen as being more environmentally friendly.


PVT uses/forms


There are diversified uses of PVT. Some of them are mentioned below-


Resin Production
Used in Plastic Industry
Insecticide Component
Silicone Detectors
Benefits of PVT
Easy to manufacture
Fast Response
Easily Available
Specially used in Plastic Industry
Best Results