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MLP | Film Grade

Gujarat ,India

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MLP Full Form:


Multi-Layered Plastics


What is MLP?


MLP stands for Multi-Layered Plastics refers to any material that is used or intended to be used as packaging and has at least one layer of plastic as well as one or more layers of materials like paper, paper board, polymeric materials, metalized layers, or aluminum foil, whether in the form of a laminate or co-extruded structure. MLP is basically anything that has at least one layer of plastic on it. Paper, plastic, and aluminum are just a few of the thin, laminated sheets of material that make up MLP and are difficult to separate.


40% of all plastic waste generated worldwide, including MLP used in food packaging, comes from packing. Since they are frequently used only once before being thrown these are regarded as single use plastic. MLP is a popular material in the food industry since it protects food products and increases their shelf life. The qualities of MLP make it possible to protect food in a variety of climates in India, including hot and muggy weather. It is hence immensely favored throughout India. Additionally, it comes in a range of sizes, from little to huge packages, and may be purchased anywhere, including supermarkets and neighborhood tea shops.


How is MLP made?


MLPs are formed of thermoset or thermoplastic material and have many layers. Aluminum foil, polyethylene terephthalate (PET), polypropylene (BOPP), polyethylene (PE), and other materials are fused together to create multilayer laminates.


Although each of the numerous layers serves a distinct purpose, they all work together to give MLPs their longevity. The inner layers make the product more marketable and offer spill resistance and content security. Polymers like LLDPE, LDPE, PP, or PA are used to make them. The functional layers serve as a barrier to oxygen, moisture, and light and are fused above the inner layer. The various layers are held together by the tie layers, which serve as glue, while the HDPE, PS, or paper outer layer provide mechanical support and permits printing.


MLP uses/forms


The most common use of MLP is packaging. This plastic is used to make various types of things like-


Food Products Packaging
Pharmaceuticals Packaging
Chocolate or any other snack packaging
Small Sachets, etc.
Types of MLP
Multiwall Paper Sacks
These are made up of layers of different weights of extensible Kraft paper. These are becoming more and more used in the cement, pharmaceutical, and fertilizer industries because they protect the contents from moisture by having polyethylene inner or outer layers on the bags.
Plastic Bottles and the Laminated Cartons
The production of paint, tetra packs for milk, fruit juice, and syrups, as well as the pharmaceutical industry, all use them. These are some examples of common pairings:
PET/Aluminium Foil/LDPE
PE/Aluminum Foil/Paper
Aluminum Foil/Paper/LDPE
Benefits of MLP
Can be preserved for a long time
Shelf life is more than other plastic 
Graphic Friendly
Light Weight
Low Shipping Volume
Requires less space in shelf