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HIPS | Injection Molding

Karnataka ,India

₹ 60


HIPS | Injection Molding

Gujarat ,India

₹ 75


HIPS | Thermoforming


₹ 80



HIPS Full Form:


High Impact Polystyrene


What is HIPS?


HIPS (High Impact Polystyrene), also known as PS (Polystyrene), are utilized in applications requiring less heat. It is an amorphous thermoplastic material and is regarded as a standard material and provides rigidity, high impact strength, and ease of processing.


HIPS is a flexible, affordable polymer made from durable polystyrene resins. In low strength structural applications where impact resistance, machinability, and affordability are needed, it is frequently specified. Its exceptional dimensional stability and ease of fabrication—it can be painted and glued, as well as guillotined, die-cut, and punched—make it a popular choice for producing pre-production prototypes. Natural (translucent white) HIPS can be used in food processing applications without violating FDA regulations.


How is HIPS made?


HIPS is a subtype of PS that, as its name suggests, has a higher impact strength. Because homopolymer PS is typically brittle, it can be combined with other materials to increase its impact resistance. Typically, 5–10% rubber or butadiene copolymer is used to make this kind of PS. As a result, the polymer becomes more elastic and impact-resistant, and a very stiff product is created that is ideal for packaging applications. Due to its durability, high impact polystyrene sheet producer Impact Plastics utilises this material to package a range of commodities in the industrial, horticulture, consumer goods, cosmetics, and medical sectors, among others.


HIPS uses/forms


HIPS is widely used to manufacture and make the following products-


Thermoformed Machines
Prototypes and Models
Printed Graphics
POP Displays
Types of HIPS
General Purpose PS
GPPS, or general purpose polystyrene resins, are transparent polymers made when styrene monomer is polymerized. GP with polystyrene, both extrusion and injection molding are possible. GPPS benefits from the straightforward processing characteristics and several certifications. Some of the examples are mentioned below-
Disposable Cups
Various Films
Seasoning Containers
Confectionary Trays
Expandable PS
Expanded Polystyrene is a closed-cell, lightweight, stiff insulation. To withstand load and back-fill pressures, EPS is available in a range of compressive strengths. This closed-cell structure offers less water absorption and low vapor persistence. Following are some examples of Expandable PS-
Infant Car Seats
Sports Helmets
Insulated Panels
Sports Car Seating
Benefits of HIPS
Easy to fabricate
Easy to machine
Easily processed
Sturdy and Durable
FDA Complaint
Good Insulator
Easy for Painting and Gluing
Economical and Affordable
Available in many regions of country