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Plexconnect 2023 Plastics Exhibition in India

22 May 2023

The history of the Indian plastics export industry is one of significant growth and development. The industry has evolved over the years, and today, India is one of the leading players in the global plastics trade. The Plastics Export Promotion Council of India (Plexconcil) has been at the forefront of promoting and supporting the growth of the Indian plastics export industry for over five decades.


Plexconcil was established in 1955 under the aegis of the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India, to promote and develop the export of plastics from India. Since its inception, the council has been actively involved in organizing trade exhibitions, participating in international trade fairs, and facilitating buyer-seller meets to promote the Indian plastics industry.


In line with this mission, Plexconcil is now gearing up to organize PLEXCONNECT 2023, a dedicated trade exhibition for the Indian plastics export industry. The event, which is scheduled to be held from June 15-17, 2023, at the Bombay Exhibition Centre Mumbai (NESCO), is the first-ever export-focused exhibition for plastics in India.


PLEXCONNECT 2023 is one of the best Mumbai Plastic Exhibitions and aims to showcase India’s manufacturing capabilities, capacities, quality, and commitment to global trade. The exhibition is focused on promoting MSME exports from the country in line with the government’s vision. It has been specially designed for MSMEs and new exporters to observe and learn about global trends and demand for Indian plastics, along with the myriad benefits of becoming an exporter.


The exhibition will feature fourteen finished product categories, including FRP, FIBC, films and sheets, consumer and homeware, writing instruments, and more. In addition, PLEXCONNECT 2023 will also feature plastic machinery and manufacturers of moulds and dies. The exhibition will also feature state pavilions to showcase the export capabilities of India’s widespread manufacturing clusters.


One of the key highlights of PLEXCONNECT India is the Reverse Buyer Seller Meet (RBSM) being organized under the Department of Commerce, Govt of India, MAI Scheme. The RBSM will feature 600 select international buyers from 100+ countries who are being invited to network and conduct trade with Indian plastics exporters during the exhibition. Registrations for the RBSM have been receiving a stupendous response, with 150 leading importers from over 30 countries already signed up for the event. This exhibition is considered as one of the amazing opportunities for Mumbai Plastic Industry. All the plastic retailers, buyers, and Plastic Manufacturers in Mumbai can grab this opportunity and meet some amazing experts across the globe. 


To ensure the perfect setting for Indian participants to network and collaborate with the international buyers, the RBSM will feature dedicated one-to-one meetings to ensure the right buyer-seller match. This will provide an opportunity for Indian exporters to showcase their products and capabilities and create new business relationships with international buyers. 


PLEXCONNECT 2023 is supported by the Ministry of Commerce, DCPC as well as the MSME Ministry. The exhibition is poised to become an important event in the international event calendar for plastics. It is an ideal platform for the Indian plastics industry to showcase its prowess in plastics processing and promote its exports to the world.


In conclusion, PLEXCONNECT India 2023 is a premier platform for India’s plastics export industry to showcase its manufacturing capabilities and capacities to the world. The exhibition offers an opportunity for MSMEs and new exporters to learn about global trends and demand for Indian plastics and the benefits of becoming an exporter. With 600 select international buyers from 100+ countries and 10,000+ trade visitors expected to attend, PLEXCONNECT 2023 is the most comprehensive platform for international buyers to fully explore India’s manufacturing and export prowess in the plastics industry. This International Plastic Expo 2023 can bring a lot of opportunities for you and your business. So, make sure you don’t forget to join Plexconnect 2023 Registration through their website.


Date of Exhibition: 15 - 17 June, 2023

Exhibition Location: Mumbai

Exhibition Address: Bombay Exhibition Centre Mumbai, Nesco Mumbai, India

Industry: Plastics

Who can visit: Plastic Manufacturers, Traders, Exporters & Importers


Est. Exhibitors: Approx. 1400+

Est. Visitors: Approx. 10,000+


Exhibitors Registration:

Visitors Registration:



Phone: +91-22-40170000



Organizer Name:

The Plastics Export Promotion Council

Organizer Address:

Dynasty Business Park, Ground Floor, B-Wing, Office No. 2, Chakala, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400059, India